Pawtucket Tudor

Built in 1930 this home is a gorgeous example of historic residential architecture. The home has stood empty for over 20 years, and was in desperate need of a complete overhaul. The homeowners purchased the home at the beginning of 2011, and decided to re-do the kitchen with the removal of a bearing wall (and insertion of steel header), re-finish the original oak floors, and update all of the interiors. They brought me on board in February to help with the coordination of the interiors.

I was to focus on the three main rooms of the home: the Dining Room, Living Room and Master Bedroom. Including space planning and the selection of wall color, area rugs, purchase and coordination of existing and new furniture, lighting and draperies.

In the span of 6 months my consultation services grew to include the design of custom furniture for the den, color consultation for all of the other rooms in the house (Den, Upstairs and Downstairs Bath, Breakfast Room, Prayer Room, Guest Room, and Glam Room), Material Coordination for the kitchen (granite and backsplash), as well as selection and coordination of the light fixtures for all rooms.

 Front Facade     
 Side Entrance into Kitchen     
 Rear Facade   Kitchen, Breakfast area, Den