Advanced design studio
Spring 2008

Professor Brian Kernaghan

The Okamura Printing Company in Nara, Japan has wonderful ceramics and printmaking facilities, but no other studio areas or on-site accomodations.

Our brief was to refurbish an existing dormitory on site for use by RISD students and their professor(s) on exchange to Japan, hopefully engaging and fostering their design work through the building itself.

My research into Japanese culture and aesthetics led me to realize the depth and strength of Japan and how my reading would never be able to encompass the fullness of their culture. It led me to conceive of the building as having a secret life, something that wasn't always accessible; the building having both a very public face and a private face.

 Summer Room from Ehagaki Sekai   Anonymous, c.1908 
 Site photo, North Elevation   Men's Dormitory Okamura Printing Co 
 Site analysis     
 Final model   Top to Bottom: N, S, E, W elevation 
 Ground Floor plan     
 Second Floor plan     
 Roof and Third Floor plan     
 Longitudinal section facing South