Lighting Design
Jenna and Gavin Andelman
Summer 2010

The client was referred to me via a local contractor to help with the lighting in her living room. The plan calls for the removal of 3 existing recessed lights and 2 small track lights, as well as the addition of the following:

1 Foyer Chandelier

4 5" Recessed lights for living room
1 Swing Arm Wall Sconce for living room
1 Small Pendant/Chandelier for living room

1 Pendant/Chandelier for Sunroom
1 Matching/Coordinating Wall Sconce for Sunroom

I have made recommendations for these fixtures, and am awaiting approval from the client.

Photos to be posted upon installation.

switching option 1
Living Room Lighting Plan : switching option 1

switching option 2
Living Room Lighting Plan: switching option 2